Strike in Private Seniors’ Residences: Several Agreements in Principle Reached

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Montreal, Thursday, July 7, 2016 – Of the 32 local unions representing workers in private seniors’ residences who have been exercising their right to an unlimited strike since June 21, 13 have reached agreements in principle. Nineteen residences are still on a legal strike and subject to the Essential Services Act.

“We are very proud of the agreements in principle reached in residences where workers have exercised their right to strike. A vast majority of members will begin earning $15 an hour during their collective agreement, some of them as soon as the new labour contract comes into effect,” said Richard Belhumeur, president of the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service (FTQ). These 13 agreements in principle are proof that mobilization and solidarity help improve working conditions. It also shows workers at the 19 residences still on strike that their mobilization will succeed.”

Bargaining blitz with Chartwell

After the occupation last Wednesday of the Montreal offices of Chartwell, the largest player in the private seniors’ residence sector, the union entered a bargaining blitz with management from Monday to Wednesday evening. “We have now reached seven agreements in principle with Chartwell. Also, for the other Chartwell residences, we agreed on bargaining dates in the near future, in the same spirit of openness, in order to reach satisfactory agreements,” explains Belhumeur.

Firmer pressure tactics

While most employers are now at the bargaining table, some are refusing to comply with the principles of bargaining in good faith and would have felt right at home at the beginning of the last century. Some employers are refusing to negotiate or set bargaining dates, and are bordering on intimidation with their employees.


“The SQEES-FTQ has set up floating crews who will assist workers on the picket line. We will also be targeting employers who are making negotiations more difficult. Our actions and pressure tactics will only increase and intensify as long as we are unable to reach acceptable agreements for our members,” warned Richard Belhumeur.

List of establishments on strike




Postal code

Maison Hérron

2400 Hérron Rd.


H9F 5W3

Résidence 600 Bousquet

600 Bousquet


J2C 5V9

Chartwell Résidence L’Ermitage inc.

540 Berol St.


J2B 8H4

Résidence Floralies LaSalle inc.

8200 George


H8P 3T6

Centre d’hébergement de la Rive

1050 15th Avenue


H7R 4N9

Les Habitats La Fayette

100 Lafayette Blvd.


J4K 5H6

Villa Belle Rive inc.

5320 Gouin Blvd. E.

Montreal North

H1G 1B4

Château Beaurivage

6880 Gouin Blvd. E.

Montreal North

H1G 6L8

Seigneurie de Salaberry

20 St-Jean

Quebec City

G1R 1N6

Les Cotonniers

45 Buntin St., Suite 100


J6S 5X5

Maison des aînés de St-Timothée

1 des Aînés St.


J6S 6M8

Le Marquis de Tracy I

7075 Du Major-Beaudet Ave.


J3R 5R2

Rés. Le Marquis de Tracy II

8200 Industrielle


J3R 5R3

Chartwell Manoir Archer

2828 Général-Tremblay St.


G1W 4X2

Seigneurie du Jasmin

11765 1st Avenue


 G5Y 8G7

Résidence Valeo Jean XXIII

2850 Brodeur St.


G8Z 4T7

Résidence Le St-Laurent

1460 Notre-Dame E.


G8T 4J3

Chartwell Résidence Notre-Dame Victoriaville

222 Notre-Dame St. W.


G6P 1R9

Château Westmount inc.

4860 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.


H3Z 3G2


 List of residences that have reached an agreement in principle




Postal code

Chartwell Villa Chicoutimi

200 Don-Bosco St.


G7H 7P6

Chartwell Villa du Saguenay

1901 des Roitelets St.


G7H 7L7

Chartwell Villa Jonquière

3978 Harvey Blvd.


G8A 2J9

Cavalier de LaSalle

800 Gagné


H8P 3W3

Résidence Ste-Rose inc.

105 Je-Me-Souviens Blvd.


H7L 3L8

Résidence Laval Ouest inc.

2855 27th Avenue


H7R 3K4

SEC Bourassa-Pelletier

11519 Pelletier Ave.

Montreal North

H1H 3S3

Manoir St-Jacques

125 Saint-Jacques St. E.


G6L 5A2

Chartwell Dom. du Château de Bordeaux

2140 St-Louis Rd.

Quebec City

G1T 1P8

Chartwell App. du Château de Bordeaux inc.

2142 St-Louis Rd.

Quebec City

G1T 1P7

Chartwell Manoir et Cours de l’Atrium

545 Francis-Byrne

Quebec City

G1H 7L3

Chartwell Hab. Faubourg Giffard

2321 de la Canardière Rd.

Quebec City

G1J 0A3

Le Waldorf

7400 Côte St-Luc Rd.


H4W 3J4

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The SQEES-FTQ represents 25 000 members throughout Quebec, most of them in the health and social services sector. It is the largest union in private seniors’ residences. It is affiliated with the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec, the largest union central in Quebec, with more than 600 000 members.

07/07/2016 —Categories : Campagnes, Residences Privés, Prendre soin de nous, Négociations