The SQEES- 298 (FTQ) represents 25,000 members throughout Quebec, mainly in the health and social services sector. It is the largest union in private retirement homes and is also present in the CPE and the production of goods and services. It is affiliated with the FTQ, Quebec's largest trade union, with over 600 000 members.


A team of counsellors supporting members of the local executive committees in the defence of workers' rights.

A legal service to represent members at hearings before various administrative tribunals.

  • CSST

training service offering executive committee members the tools required to adequately meet their members' needs.

A translation service for our anglophone members.

An information service, in particular through the publication of various newsletters.


A provincial bargaining committee elected by members in the public sector.
We offer technical and professional support for the preparation of demands and the negotiation of collective agreements in the private sector.


The Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, section locale 298 (FTQ) began operating on April 16, 1946, when a group of 12 housekeeping employees founded the Building Service Employees Union. That same year, they were joined by workers at a hospital. By 1960, the Union represented 4000 members.

In 1966, the Union continued to expand by recruiting office workers. It was so successful recruiting workers in hospitals and private centres that, in 1969, social affairs (health and social services) sector workers made up most of its members. The Union changed its name to the Union des employés de service, local 298 (FTQ).

In the early 1970s, school board employees began joining the Union. Gradually, workers in the restaurant, hotel, school transportation, paratransit and industrial sectors began joining as well.

At our 1993 Convention, we again changed our name to take into account our female membership and the trend toward francization. We officially became the Syndicat québécois des employées et employés de service, section locale 298 (FTQ).

At our May 2000 Convention we became more democratic. Since then, each base unit has been represented on the General Council, the Union’s decision-making body between Conventions. The General Council is made up of up to 300 members mandated to represent our Union’s 25 000 members.

In 2003 a Liberal government was elected. A series of anti-union laws were enacted under a gag order. In particular, the infamous Bill 30 respecting the merger of bargaining units in the health and social services sector had serious negative effects on the SQEES-298 (FTQ). Since then, we have worked hard and we are proud to have regained any ground we lost. Today our organization is in perfect health and more effective than ever!

The sectors we represent

We are very proud to be one of the major unions representing workers in public health and social services institutions, as well as in private institutions with

Leader in unionizing private seniors residences in Quebec. We represent thousands of workers in every region of Quebec, workers devoted to the well-being of

The SQEES-298 (FTQ) also represents childcare workers. Our members in this sector, the vast majority of whom are women, offer invaluable services for families.

The people who work in the school transportation sector devote themselves every day

Our Committees

Executive committee

The Executive Committee is the governing authority of the union between meetings of the General Council.

Youth Committee

It mobilizes young people and encourages them to participate in the union’s governing bodies and in union and social struggles.

Provincial occupational health and safety committee

The objective of the Committee is to implement and apply an internal responsibility system, remedy dangerous situations and prevent work accidents.

Women's Living and Working Conditions Committee

The objective of the Committee on Women’s Living and Working Conditions is to achieve male/female equality in public and private spheres, as well as in the

Sexual and gender diversity committee

Le comité de la diversité sexuelle et de genre vise à combattre toute forme de discrimination et à sensibiliser l'ensemble des membres du syndicat aux

Interculturel Committee

The Intercultural Committee plays an educational role with respect to diversity and community life

Environmental committee

The environmental committee works to promote sustainable development in union actions and orientations.

Francization committee

The francization committee's mandate is to promote integration by exercising the right to work in French.

Our values

  1. Promote the occupational, social, economic, cultural and political interests of its members.
  2. Defend the principle of freedom to organize.
  3. Contribute to the growth of unionism in order to enable ever-increasing numbers of workers to enjoy its benefits.
  4. Fight all discrimination based on race, colour, ethnic or national origin, social condition, language, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, civil status, age, religious beliefs or the lack thereof, political convictions, a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handicap.
  5. Promote social justice, human dignity and democratic freedom in Quebec.